Hand to Hand Distribution

H2H - Hand to Hand Distribution

Hand to hand leaflet distribution is an extremely effective way of promoting your business because it allows for very specific targeting, it provides an opportunity for interaction with your target market and gets your leaflet placed directly in their hands.

Hand to hand flyer distribution allows the opportunity for interaction, effective demographic targeting and a verbal explanation of the promotion. The exact locations of the promotion staff, their shift times, and the number of staff are all up to you, allowing you to create a high-impact campaign that’s exactly suited to your requirements.

We are pleased to offer 3 different types of H2H distribution

Premium Services

Our hand to hand teams are distinctly different from our door to door distribution teams. Many of them have backgrounds in performing arts and are picked for their outgoing personalities and strong communication skills.

The teams can be kitted out in branded uniforms, and fully briefed so they know what to talk about – and who to aim your flyers at. This makes for really effective, highly targeted campaigns, providing you with great results at low cost.

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